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Transformation from the Inside Out

The Wholistic Life - James & Hannah Lati



  • Are you ready to make a radical shift in your life?

  • Are you looking for refinement and a better life?

The Wholistic Life is a place to help you make those changes.

Hannah & James Latimer

Helping you bridge the gap from...

  • Confusion to


  • Stress & Overwhelm to                

  • Fear & Anxiety to                                        

  • Tension & Turmoil to                                    

  • Sadness to                                                  

  • Stuckness & Freeze to                                

  • Unfulfilled Dreams into                          

  • Grief & Despair to                                       

  • Pain & Discomfort to                                   

  • Unconscious Disconnect to                        

  • Low Self Esteem to                                     

  • Self Doubt to                                                                                           

Clarity & Purpose

Calm & Peace of mind

Courage & Confidence

Freedom & Flow




Hope & Loving Life

Healing & Rejuvenation

Heart Felt Connection

Empowered Presence

Trust & Alignment

Our Mission

Helping you create your own Wholistic Life - connection to your Inner KNOWING, that enables you to create CHANGE and puts you on track towards your own growth of Inner Leadership and EVOLUTION. That's Leading Life from the Inside.

  • KNOW  - to know yourself, to gain insight into who you are and what you want and how you can make a change and thrive, in your personal or professional life. In doing so you can explore and uncover what's not working and this leads to HEAL. This can be on a physical, mental or emotional level - in relationships, health, family, finance, business etc. 

  • CHANGE   - to take empowered steps to heal, clear, resolve, restore and rebalance. This creates space for harmony and the next step in your evolution. To Heal is to become "Whole" again, to become "Sound" again.


  • EVOLVE to grow and progress, take the leap to the next level of betterment in your life. To follow and fulfil your dreams and aspirations.


Mastering your Inner Game is the key to personal evolution and unlocking your best life. 

What is your inner game? Your inner world - thoughts, feelings, perspectives, beliefs - which are reflected in how your outer world manifests - it all starts here, on a personal level within you.

What is Wholistic Living? 

Have you noticed that when one part of your life goes out of sync, it affects the whole of you? 

Think of yourself like an orchestra. Every part of you - mental, emotional & physical - is a vital piece of that whole orchestra - all interconnected.

Looking at yourself and your life through a wider lens of the Wholistic approach, it becomes easier to make a shift and become the best version of yourself. 

We are here to help you get in sync, in tune with yourself so that your whole life hums! 

Change your vibe - Change your life! Where is your frequency at?

As Einstein & Quantum Physics says - everything is made up of energy, everything  is frequency & vibration. When we know how to handle our mindset and emotions, we are literally in charge of our own energy and vibe.  This is key to our wellbeing and health - it’s the new skill to know in our quantum world.  Learning this skill will get you to where you  want to go, what you want to do, who you want to be and how fast you want it to happen. 

Wholeness through Conscious Living

Impossible becomes I'm Possible
Who are we?

We are guides and mentors, we have the expertise, skills, tools and experience to assist you on your journey of self discovery.  It’s a lot easier when you have a great team at your side.


Using a powerful combined approach of Conscious Coaching (personal & professional), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Classical Homeopathy, Vocal Sound Healing and drawing on a wealth of experience in the Wholistic field (50 years combined) we can assist your transformation into health, wellbeing & fulfilment.

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