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About Us
About Us
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We are a team with a joint mission to live and share a Wholistic perspective with others who wish to KNOW, HEAL & EVOLVE their lives for betterment. To lead life from the inside, for a happy, healthy, purposeful and connected life. Lifting our hearts and minds to reach for better and creating the steps to get there, on a guided journey of self discovery.


Our professional background has been working with the land and plants, designing and landscaping beautiful gardens, in Portugal and UK for 20 years. Our focus on working with outer spaces, landscaping, shifted to working professionally on inner spaces, helping others to create the inner world they desire and deserve, which translates into their outer world experience.

Each having over 25 years in personal development, we have many years of experience in the wholistic field - meditation, breathing techniques, study of natural health, prolonged periods in India, immersion in the ancient yogic texts and sanskrit chants, and also conducting workshops on body breath and mind. 


This yogic perspective of wellbeing coupled with the western perspective through training and experience in Conscious Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Breathwork, Classical Homeopathy and Profound Sound -vocal sound healing, have all been instrumental in creating The Wholistic Life.


With James’ keen insight into Consciousness and Awakening the Human Potential, and Hannah’s passion for Wholistic Health, Healing & Sound, this has created a powerful blend of complimentary practice.  Our aim with The Wholistic Life is to catalyse positive change and assist transformation on an individual and collective level.  

There has been a societal taboo on knowing & owning who we really are for far too long. Together, it’s time we all break this taboo. We are all sovereign beings.


Personal experiences from clients

Conscious Coaching for Inner Leadership

"It was clear from our first interaction onwards that James is incredibly savvy when it comes to the human story, and that he delights in unlocking his clients true potential. It has been a tremendously rewarding experience working with him to better clarify my true personal performance objectives, and to subsequently achieve these in such a smooth and surprising fashion. He expertly facilitated my understanding of my internal blockers and has helped me to better access my resourcefulness to effectively overcome these, while building upon my reserves of resilience to better respond to new challenges as they arise. Having had past experience with coaching interventions I can clearly see when someone does it well, and James' elegant, subtle yet powerful method of working is the best I've had exposure to - validated by my renewed sense of inspiration and clarity of presence post the sessions. I highly recommend coaching with James if you are ready to take responsibility for your best future and you need the best facilitation to help you get there now."


Jonathon Blair - SFC at System Partners (Australia)

"We got in touch with James to receive some coaching when the business was going through wholesale structural changes. His guidance and unique analysis has offered some invaluable insight into how to best grow the company, applying new structures to the company as a whole and how I operate as a Manager and my personal entrepreneurial ambitions The company has already started reaping the rewards of this guidance and I look forward to working with him in the future."


Matt Horan MD at Rollasole (UK)

“I consulted James when I was at a big crossroads in my life, both personal and professional, and really didn’t know what direction to take.  The surprising thing for me was that James asked questions I’d never have thought of asking myself, and that made me find my own answers.  I didn’t feel as if I’d been given advice, more that he’d helped me to separate all the different dilemmas out.  With his calm help, I’d managed to untangle all my confusion and come to the decisions I ultimately wanted to.  It lifted a load off my shoulders that I hadn’t really been aware I was carrying.  The next day I accepted the job I had been offered overseas and began to plan for moving half way round the world, and six months later I can say that I’ve had amazingly positive experiences I’d never have had if James hadn’t made me feel brave enough to take big steps.  Every now and then I think back to that meeting, and can hardly believe how much it helped me to see things more clearly. I’ll definitely book future sessions with James next time I need a boost to move forward in my life.”

Anna C, Teacher, International School, Mongolia.

"James' coaching skills are second-to-none. He is a very good listener and provides sound, sane advice. Even though I would consider myself to be relatively well organised, he has helped me rationalise multiple work-related tasks to bring forward the progress I was hoping for in just a matter of months. James has a natural talent for helping others to 'see the wood for the trees' and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others."


Chris Emberson - Geoptimise (UK)

"Working with James helped give me a fresh perspective on how I managed my personal and professional life on a day to day basis. James is a fantastic listener and let me talk through the topics that were on my mind, yet he has a great ability to weigh in with some thought provoking feedback when it's needed. If you are considering engaging with an Executive Coach, I would highly recommend speaking with James, he'll provide you with a fantastic platform to take on whatever challenges you are facing in your personal or professional career."


Josh Bradley - CMO at 4C (London - UK)

"Working with James has been a profound and enriching experience, with his calm and earnest coaching style making it enjoyable even when facing the most challenging topics. The coaching sessions have left me with a much more solid and clear understanding of what it is that I'd like to achieve as well as how to achieve it, and as a result I have been able to find solutions to make of the problems I was facing prior to our sessions.”

Adam Getgood - Musician & Producer (UK)

"James and I worked together over a few months, whereby he was helping me with his coaching expertise. I found James to be someone you can really trust, he offers certainly frank, tangible and helpful areas to improve yourself upon. Even after the first session, he demonstrated he has a wonderful ability to understand, listen and advise and/or change a course of one's trajectory. I certainly will work with James in the future and would recommend him to anyone seeking to better understand themselves professionally and personally."


Dan King -  Account Director BMC software (UK)

Classical Homeopathy

These statements from clients are the personal anecdotal opinion of people who have experienced benefit from their treatment. They are not representing evidence of efficacy, or implying that particular homeopathic remedies can treat specific medical conditions. The homeopathic principle treats individuals with symptoms, it does not treat specific diseases. 

"I began our family journey through homeopathy with Hannah 10 months ago and both myself and two boys have benefited so much from this level of healing. Having two premature boys with different birth experiences we all needed emotional and physical support to help us heal from a challenging start in life. Hannah’s support and wisdom in homeopathy has not only allowed us to process our past experiences but in doing so has opened up a path to future wellbeing and happiness. We all thank you 😊 for your care and continuous support on our journey" 

Nicola Baranowski

"I have recently started the homeopathic journey to support my two young boys. Its been an emotional few years and both expressed the impact in different ways, mainly through skin conditions. 
Within six weeks the improvements are now showing and the remedies are now supporting my boys on many different levels, inside and out. Hannah has articulated this new journey in such a lovely way, they're completely at ease and are equally conscious of the benefits occuring already. 
Thank you so much for your time and care Hannah."

Libby Carter

"Suffering with systemic candida, for 2 years I was back and forth to the gynaecologist and dermatologist, and had months of not sleeping, relying on painkillers and antihistamines to function and was feeling very low. I saw Hannah during a very difficult time in my life, and was in tremendous pain, barely able to walk and just getting my daughter to school was agonising. During a lengthy interview, Hannah asked me many questions not only about my symptoms, but also about my nature as a person. She gave me a remedy and within a short time I had dramatically improved and I knew I was going to be well again. I liked the idea of homeopathy but was quite skeptical about whether it could actually help me. One year on I am delighted to say I’m still feeling the benefit from homeopathy. I am also grateful to Hannah for her care and support during the whole process."

Kay C, Portugal


"I just wanted to thank you for the treatment you gave me when I was suffering from symptoms associated with tendonitis in my wrist. I was having a lot of pain but after receiving your treatment I was able to carry on playing bowls which I thought I would have to give up. Once again many thanks."


Jenny C, Holt, Wiltshire

Vocal Sound Healing

"I recently had a wonderful session with James and Hannah. I had been having trouble letting go of emotion that was badly affecting my life. I had a coaching session with James followed by a soundng with Hannah. James has an amazing ability to target in on the issue and helped me release it quickly while keeping me feeling safe and supported. Hannah then cemented in the change and released any remaining energy with an incredible sound session. Her voice is astounding! The session was powerful yet relaxing and I felt the inner changes imediately. I very highly reccomend both Hannah and James, either separately or as a combined treatment! I am very thankful to them both for the positive change they have made in my life."

Del Blay

" I can only describe the sessions I have had with James and Hannah as transformational. James' no-nonsense but compassionate approach really helped me get to the root of my blocks, whilst Hannahs' incredible intuitive sounding gave me the final push to clear them. Their combined skills offer a unique and powerful approach that helped me to make the changes in my life I wanted to achieve."


Roshan W. -  Musical Engineer


" James' gentle yet astute questions and observations gave me much-needed clarity and a deeper understanding of my goal. This absolutely informed the subsequent sound healing with Hannah - it was as if, having clearly articulated my heartfelt intention, I was then able to more fully receive the healing, which was immensely powerful. One informed and enabled the other, and I was buzzing by the end, connected to an inner power that felt both my own and yet bigger than me. I left the session knowing what I had to do - and also knowing that I had the power to make it happen."


Caroline W. - Writer 

" Despite being a Coach myself, I recently went to James for some coaching as I had been feeling pretty stuck with a particular issue. 


I found him to be a very effective coach.  His questioning techniques opened up areas of my thinking and gave me access to new insights on what was keeping me stuck and, more importantly, how I could move forwards.


By the end of the session I knew something major had shifted.  I felt lighter and far more confident that I could resolve the issue.  Enter Hannah, who then delivered a Sounding.  I still have little idea how they work or even what happens but throughout I sensed the sounds resonating deep in both my mind and body.


Her voice is an amazing healing instrument – it seemed to summon up and then release emotions that complemented and completed James's coaching.  


I highly recommend these two amazing practitioners – the combined effect of their skills certainly reaches the parts other therapies hadn’t been able to and left me with a profound sense of confidence and freedom."


Ivan Brownrigg

Personal and Business Coach

"I booked a session with James as I knew there was something unresolved in my mind, or something I couldn’t let go of, but which I just couldn’t get to the source of.  I knew it was fear-based and the best way I could describe it was a feeling of fear to take my next breath.


James led me with a series of thought and emotion provoking questions to a clear recognition of the source of this fear, and what I was holding on to.  I felt in my heart he was guiding me in pealing back the layers I had covered the issue with.


I then saw Hannah immediately after James.  She has an amazing voice and ability to channel ‘soundings’ which reverberated right through me.  I could feel the clearing effect of the sound healing immediately, like sticky cobwebs being swept away and dissolved.


I felt in very safe hands with both James and Hannah.  Their care and commitment to helping me resolve my longstanding problem was very evident.  After my sessions I felt I had finally released something old and stale and was ready to open myself to the new experiences.


These sessions were 4 months ago and I still retain the peace of mind that they led me to.  I am no longer ‘bracing’ myself in fear or anticipation of what might happen next.  I cannot recommend them highly enough."


Pia K. - Wiltshire

Conscious Coaching
Classical Homeopathy
Vocal Sound Healing
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