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PURE Sound - Resonance Reset

The effect of sound is profound.

Common language speaks - "to heal is to become sound again".

Sound = vibration & frequency

Sound is profound. Sound has a profound effect on us in our lives, whether in music, words spoken or sung, sounds of nature, the elements, the list is endless. Whether we are conscious of it or not, sound affects us on many levels, from micro to macro. Sound has been referred to from the ancients, as the origins of life, since time immemorial. Modern science confirms that everything is vibration, from microcosm to macrocosm. These vibrations emit sound energy, whether audible to us or not. We are experiencing frequency constantly, whether we are aware or not.






Everything, including every organ in our bodies, has a natural resonance, it’s signature vibrational state which brings harmony. When there is dis-harmony within the vibrations, then the body is in dis-ease. It makes sense that we can use frequencies of sound to bring ourselves back into resonance, into harmony and restore Health and WellBeing.

““The body is held together by Sound. The presence of disease indicates that some sounds have gone out of tune.”.” 

 Deepak Chopra

What is Vocal Sound Healing?

Intuitive vocal sound, used with intention, creates a frequency shift. Our bodies and energy fields respond to these intentional sound waves, helping bring us back into alignment and harmony within our whole system.

Everyone has their own signature resonance, their vibration unique to them, just like a fingerprint. The soundings create a shift, a change in frequency, so that the recipient can align back to wholeness. 

By tuning in to the recipient, the sound frequencies, needed for that person are brought through. These frequencies communicate to every cell of the person for their intended outcome. The sorts of applications people use sounding for are unlimited, whether it is to get unstuck, recharge, restore balance, clear unresolved issues, or activate a new avenue in life. 

Using the voice, the sounding can be a combination of powerfully charged sounds and also softer sounds. There may also be energy transmission which may be completely silent, but energetically felt. 

PURE Sound Sessions
What's the format?

It is known in therapeutic fields that root emotional/mental patterns can accompany and maintain the cause of imbalance and chronic illness. Addressing these root patterns changes the person’s frequency, restores their signature vibration and their physicality responds. There may be willingness to make a shift on the conscious level, but unconsciously there may be resistance to letting go, blocks, and limiting beliefs. This affects the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy fields. 


We use a combined approach of coaching and intuitive mentoring in preparation for the sounding, to help clients be clear on their outcome, their intention, bring unconscious patterns to conscious awareness and clear any resistance to receiving. This preparation powerfully enhances the sound healing experience. After this coaching preparation with James, we then move onto the vocal sounding with Hannah. 

This combined approach we have found to be highly effective and transformational; the coaching preparation engages the conscious mind and the sounding goes way beyond the intellect, impacts all levels of existence on physical, mental and emotional level and is energetically felt and experienced. 

Resonance Reset 

The sounding is not a hands on process, you can be seated or lying down. It’s not necessary for you to do anything during the sounding, just relax, be comfortable and be open.


Face to face sessions, the whole process takes about 1.5 hours including the coaching session, the personalised sounding and short integration afterwards.

Distance sessions  - the coaching element is conducted via Zoom or FaceTime and a Vocal Sound Immersion is conducted offline and recorded for you and MP3 file sent via email. This recording is best listened to on headphones preferably or speakers whilst lying down or sitting quietly, with no distractions, allowing the sound vibration to wash over you.

Session Fee - £150   This applies whether face to face or remote session.

Personal experiences from clients

"I booked a session with James as I knew there was something unresolved in my mind, or something I couldn’t let go of, but which I just couldn’t get to the source of.  I knew it was fear-based and the best way I could describe it was a feeling of fear to take my next breath.


James led me with a series of thought and emotion provoking questions to a clear recognition of the source of this fear, and what I was holding on to.  I felt in my heart he was guiding me in pealing back the layers I had covered the issue with.


I then saw Hannah immediately after James.  She has an amazing voice and ability to channel ‘soundings’ which reverberated right through me.  I could feel the clearing effect of the sound healing immediately, like sticky cobwebs being swept away and dissolved.


I felt in very safe hands with both James and Hannah.  Their care and commitment to helping me resolve my longstanding problem was very evident.  After my sessions I felt I had finally released something old and stale and was ready to open myself to the new experiences.


These sessions were 4 months ago and I still retain the peace of mind that they led me to.  I am no longer ‘bracing’ myself in fear or anticipation of what might happen next.  I cannot recommend them highly enough."


Pia K. - Wiltshire

Background & Experience

Chakras or Energy Centres are

"Primary organs of your body's energy system, running parallel to your body's neuroendocrine immune system, forming a link between your vibrational, emotional & physical anatomy"

Dr. Christiane Northrup

Having practised yoga, meditation and breathing exercises for over 25 years, I had very strong intuition that there was something new I was about to embark on which would take me onto a new journey. After attending a series of channelling courses with Janet Treloar I experienced a profound connection to higher consciousness and my sounding heritage. I have continued working with this intensively, to bring forth the Vocal Sound Healing, which no doubt will evolve and change over time. 


I believe that medicine in the future will be personalised to the individual, as we fully accept the energetic quantum component of our health and wellbeing. Energy based therapies of frequency and vibration, which are non-invasive, will be of great service to people, for our total state of being, Mind, Body, Heart & Soul.

My first experience with Sacred Sound came 25 years ago singing Sanskrit chants, and prolonged periods in India attending sanskrit chanting - these sounds are timeless, chanted for centuries and carry the resonance of Sacred Intention - not necessary to understand the words at the level of intellect - transcending the conscious mind - the vibration and power of the sound is transmitted to every cell of the body. Many people will have experienced for themselves, the experience of chanting or singing raises our vibration, our mind and emotions soar, and our bodies feel alive and rejuvenated.


I realised that these sacred chants were waking up my throat chakra or energy centre. I knew the connection between this energy centre and its physical counterpart the thyroid and the power of singing and sound to work with in this area. Known by the ancients, the chakra energy systems line up with our anatomy and are all interconnected. 

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