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Classical Homeopathy
Classical Homeopathy Tailored to You
  • Can be used for Acute and Chronic conditions as well as First Aid. 

  • Safe & gentle - suitable for everyone including, elderly, children, babies and during pregnancy.

  • Remedies have no toxic side effects and can be taken alongside your medication.

  • Made from dilute doses of natural substances from plant, mineral & animal kingdom.

  • Uses the homeopathic Law of Similars, treats “like with like”.

  • Applicable for all levels of health - whether physical, mental or emotional.

  • Tailored treatment plan - individually tailored to the Whole person

  • Opportunity to have the time and space to discuss your health concerns in full.

  • Homeopathy is used by millions of individuals worldwide, who consider it to be beneficial to them.

“It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease, than to know what sort of disease a person has.” 


The Homeopathic Principle

  • Homeopathic principles have been known since the ancient Greeks, and knew of the principle “like cures like”. But it was the German physician and chemist Dr. Samuel Hahnemann of the late 18th century who created the system of Classical Homeopathy we have today.

  • Homeopathy uses the Law of Similars, treats "like with like” meaning that if natural substance can create illness in a healthy person, then the same substance in very dilute quantities, given to a patient can restore health again.

  • These natural substances are from the plant, mineral or animal kingdom and are prepared under strictly controlled conditions within a homeopathic pharmacy. The raw material is highly diluted and shaken (succussed) to prepare the many different strengths (potencies) of remedies.

  • A key homeopathic principle is not to suppress symptoms, but use them as key indicators to create a picture of your individual system response. This is then matched to an appropriate remedy that has the same symptom picture as you - Law of Similars treats “like with like”.

What's the format?

1. Lets talk - free 20 minute phone call to assess whether Homeopathy is appropriate for you at this time.


2. Book the first consultation - face to face or Zoom. First consultations last 2+ hours as they involve in-depth case taking, where we discuss all your symptoms and how you experience them, including your nature as a whole person, and your family health traits. This helps to build up a whole picture of you on all levels, mental, emotional and physical. You will have the time and space to discuss your health concerns in full. All contents of your case are strictly confidential.


3. After your consultation, I analyse your case and post you a remedy. This may be a single dose in pill form or a series of doses for a time depending on your individual case. Some remedies are given as liquid, depending on your case.


4. Follow the simple instructions on how to take your remedy. Observe your response to the remedy - making your own notes with dates/times when you observe changes, is extremely helpful for both of us, as it is easy to forget details such as if/when you notice changes.


5. Contact via phone, text or email - a short feedback during those weeks in between appointments is important; to monitor how you are responding to the remedy and assess progress. 


6. We meet again in 6-8 weeks for a follow-up appointment unless it’s an acute which should resolve more quickly. Follow up appointments are usually 30 - 60 mins face to face or Zoom.


Acute conditions are normally resolved quickly although chronic conditions usually takes a series of visits. 

What to expect?
  • Your response to the treatment will depend on many factors, including your overall health, how long you have had the condition and it’s severity, and your commitment to following the programme. Some may feel relief after the first remedy, others may take longer and may need a series of remedies over time, which can be many months. Outcome for each person will vary; an improved and manageable state may be the best outcome possible for some cases. 

  • Chronic cases in particular require patience and commitment to stay the course, as your case is unpicked, like peeling back layers of an onion. Conditions that have lasted for many years can take months to resolve; there are no quick fixes.  

  • Homeopathic treatment is an active partnership between client and practitioner. Taking the homeopathic route naturally involves deeper observation of yourself as a Whole. We discuss not only your symptoms but also your nature as a whole person, preferences, sleep patterns, response to stressors whether physical mental or emotional, fears and many other factors.

  • Investing time and patience with yourself is worth the effort, not only for symptom relief, but rejuvenation- feeling of ease, well being and increased vitality. Many times especially with chronic conditions, we become accustomed to feeling below par and just learn to live with it. We lose sight of ourselves being able to feel freedom in our bodies and minds again. Yet we all deserve to feel great and it's actually our natural state.  


  • Remedies are best taken alone for optimal action, but if you are taking medication under your GP's supervision, the remedies can be taken alongside. 

Consultation Fees​

First Consultation £195  (for adults & children)

  • 2 hours in-depth case taking, discussing your overall health including mental, emotional, physical and energy levels, your medical history & treatments taken previously.

  • Time & space to discuss all your health concerns in full.

  • Post consultation analysis of your case to develop your personalised treatment plan   

  • Feedback in between appointments via text/email to assess your progress

Follow up Consultation £95  (for adults & children)

  • Follow ups are approx every 6-8 weeks

  • 30-60 mins consultation to discuss your symptoms, evaluation of your remedy response and your overall progress.

  • Analysis of follow up to tailor your remedy treatment plan

Prescription Remedies

Homeopathic remedies                 £7

incl. UK postage & packaging

Remedies collected in person       £5

Classical Homeopathy Remedies.jpg
Terms of Service
  • Consultations Fees apply whether face to face or online via Zoom.

  • Fees cover not only the consultation time, but also the time to analyse your case after your appointment. The fee also includes short texts or emails in between appointments to assess the progress of your remedy. Support calls which become lengthy and frequent will be charged the pro rata consultation rate on a 15 minute basis at £95 per hour.

  • Postage is also additional for outside UK mainland.

  • Online consultations to be paid by BACS at least 1 day before the appointment.


  • Missed appointments will be charged at 50% unless full 24 hrs notice given.


  • Some health insurance policies cover homeopathic treatments, so check your healthcare plan.

Contact me for a free 20 minute consultation to see how homeopathy may be of benefit to you.

Personal experiences from clients

These statements from clients are the personal anecdotal opinion of people who have experienced benefit from their treatment. They are not representing evidence of efficacy, or implying that particular homeopathic remedies can treat specific medical conditions. Homeopathic principle treats individuals with symptoms, it does not treat specific diseases. 

Suffering with systemic candida, for 2 years I was back and forth to the gynaecologist and dermatologist, and had months of not sleeping, relying on painkillers and antihistamines to function and was feeling very low. I saw Hannah during a very difficult time in my life, and was in tremendous pain, barely able to walk and just getting my daughter to school was agonising. During a lengthy interview, Hannah asked me many questions not only about my symptoms, but also about my nature as a person. She gave me a remedy and within a short time I had dramatically improved and I knew I was going to be well again. I liked the idea of homeopathy but was quite skeptical about whether it could actually help me. One year on I am delighted to say I’m still feeling the benefit from homeopathy. I am also grateful to Hannah for her care and support during the whole process.

Kay C, Portugal


I just wanted to thank you for the treatment you gave me when I was suffering from symptoms associated with tendonitis in my wrist. I was having a lot of pain but after receiving your treatment I was able to carry on playing bowls which I thought I would have to give up. Once again many thanks.


Jenny C, Holt, Wiltshire

Background & Training
Hannah Latimer Classical Homeopath.jpg
Qualifications, Training & Registration

BA (Hons) Business in Science

Diploma - International Academy of Classical Homeopathy IACH

Member of and registered with ARH Alliance of Registered Homeopaths

  • practise in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Practice

  • fully insured

  • committed to continuing professional development.

Ongoing training at the IACH International Academy of Homeopathy with Professor George Vithoulkas, attending international seminars with doctors and homeopaths.

My first experience of Homeopathy was being taken to see a homeopath as a child. She asked about my symptoms and how I experienced them but also many more aspects about my nature. I felt like a whole person with symptoms, rather than a bunch of symptoms walking into her clinic, disconnected to the person bringing them along! Her level of enquiry left a lasting impression. For me , this is best summed up by the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates.

“It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease, than to know what sort of disease a person has.” Hippocrates

Homeopathy came up again during a University module in Human Health and Disease, and kindled the fire to learn more. Like many therapists, the path to alternative treatment also stemmed from my own healing

journey and exploration into Wholistic Health. Having raised my own family with homeopathy and witnessed it’s wonderful effect, I wanted to start using it professionally. I had been designing and building garden landscapes professionally for 20 years in the UK and overseas, and wanted to turn my life long passion for natural health and wellbeing into my vocation. I gained my diploma from the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy IACH (UK Branch) of the modern master of homeopathy, Professor George Vithoulkas.

George Vithoulkas Classical Homeopathy.J
Training with Professor George Vithoulkas
at International Academy of Classical Homeopathy

Homeopathy has been helpful in so many instances in my life, for first aid, acutes and also chronic conditions. I had a long standing issue of severe weakness during summer heat, not easy when living in a hot climate for many years. My homeopath gave me a remedy and it radically changed my life in terms of being able to function properly in the heat. I was struggling working on site, feeling lightheaded and weak even though I was totally hydrated and had eaten. I had been unable to find a solution through conventional methods, all bloods were normal. After the remedy I never had a problem again during the summer months. The relief to be free from this long standing symptom was tremendous; to have my energy back and feel normal again. 

In my personal opinion...

I believe healing takes place from within, using the innate intelligence of our Whole organism, garnering our immune system to overcome illness and re-establish balance. What I like about homeopathy is that it's emphasis is to work with our system, rather than imposing an action from the outside. I find it a very empowering healing modality, which also deepens the individual's involvement in observing their own nature, behaviours and responses on all levels whether mental, emotional or physical. I love the following quote which can apply to our lives on so many levels. It also conveys for me, the homeopathic idea that understanding our own symptoms deeply and how we experience them, provides the key to freedom, treating "like with like"...


“Know that one day your pain will become your cure.” Rumi

I feel we have lost touch and confidence in our body and mind's innate ability to heal and have looked for answers outside of ourselves for too long. By learning about ourselves as a Whole Being and taking responsibility for implementing supportive lifestyle choices, we can deal with many health challenges before they escalate, and take back control over our health. 

Investing time and energy to understand our Wholistic nature is worth the effort, not only for symptom relief, but rejuvenation - feeling of ease, well being and increased vitality. There is so much pressure in our modern lives and an apparent disconnect to ourselves, each other and our planet, which many are feeling the effects of. Equipping ourselves with a Wellbeing strategy is essential in today's world, and Homeopathy can be a valuable support to have within our toolkit. Many times especially with chronic conditions, we become accustomed to feeling below par and just learn to live with it. We lose sight of ourselves being able to feel freedom in our bodies and minds again. Yet we all deserve to feel great and it's actually our natural state.  

We need health alternatives, now more than ever, with the rise of antibiotic resistance, chronic health conditions and increasing mental and emotional health issues in younger generations. 

Wishing you hope and inspiration on your healing journey back to Wholeness in Mind, Body, Heart & Soul.  

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